Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Cookie or Biscuit ...

Hello all,

I hope you had a nice weekend. Mine passed so fast. And I feel busier over the weekends. Usually Sunday is the day that I cook or bake and think about the meals for the following week days. These incredible easy cookies were baked last Sunday. I can not tell you how good the smell was while I was baking them. Because I used mastic powder ;-)

Mastic is a resin extracted from a mastic tree. You can find its jars in international food stores in which Greek or Turkish food is sold. I brought mines from Turkey. It was combined with vanilla powder. Very smart idea... 

Here are the ingredients for making approximately 26 cookies;

- 1 stick butter
- 1 large egg
- 1 + 1/4 tea glass of sugar
- 1/2 tea glass of starch (wheat or corn)
- 2-3 tea glass of all purpose flour depending on the size of the egg
- 1 pack of baking powder
- 1 pack of vanilla powder mixed with mastic powder
(if you have 2-3 mastic crystals you can grind them in a mortar and get mastic powder ready)

Combine them in this order and after kneading couple minutes you will have soft dough. It will not stick to your hands and the container. I wanted to finish as soon as possible thus I didn't do anything different on shape. Take a peacon size of the dough (not walnut) and round on your palms and place it to the baking tray. They will melt and have this circular shape while being baked. Put the tray into the preheated oven in 350F and bake them around 15-20 minutes.
You can prepare your tea while they are being baked and after you take the tray from oven let it cool for 5 minutes. Then enjoy these wonderfull delicious cookies or biscuits.

The picture was taken on my husband's desk. Then I left the room and played with my son in living room. After a while I heard my husband's voice. He was telling me that he finished all of them ;-) And my son had two of them.That is enough for me to understand how successful was this recipe at my house.

Bon appetit!

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