Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Cup of Turkish Coffee ?

Would you like a cup of Turkish Coffee ?
I would love to have one now ;-) I will not write here all the history of coffee but it would be better to give some facts about Turkish coffee.

It has been around 500 years that Turkish Coffee is consumed as the way it is prepared. (Coffee beans have been throughly ground and prepared with boiling water.)

It is an old custom to serve coffee to your guests at home. Always it is good to drink together which encourages the conversation.

Breakfast means in Turkish (kahvalti = kahve - alti) to eat something before having coffee.

You can not drink your coffee when you are in a rush. It will be hard to hold tiny cups otherwise. Since you sit down and drink your coffee it makes you relax ;-) It also helps to digest the food if you drink after a meal.

Preparing is not so complicated. You will need;

- Cezve ( small long handled pot)
- Ground Turkish coffee
- Tea spoon
- Water (I substitute water with milk to have less strong coffee aspecially at nights )
- Sugar (optional)

Put 1 full tsp of coffee to cezve for each cup. Add the desired amount of sugar per cup. I use 1/2 tsp per cup since I like medium. Than add cold water by measuring with cup that you are going to drink from. Stir them well with tea spoon before you put cezve to stove. (Do not stir after you put cezve to the stove) I prepare my coffee in medium heat. When the coffee rises take it from heat and try to distribute the foam into the cups equally with a tea spoon. Than let the coffee rises again over the stove and turn the heat off. You can pour the rest of coffee to the cups. And this is it. Your Turkish Coffee is ready to drink ;-)
It is always served with a glass of water. First you should drink water than start drinking coffee.Otherwise you can not have perfect coffee taste.

I forgot to put glasses in my picture, sorry about that ;-)
Afiyet olsun...


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