Thursday, May 1, 2014

Semolina Halvah

Today is a holy night for muslim people. (Regaip Kandili) It is belived that God will accept your prays tonight. One of the tradition that I know in these holy days is to prepare either halvah or a kind of pastry and share it with your neighbours. My mom still does that.

I have a semolina halvah recipe that I use for you. I know it has many calories but it is worth to have it once for a while, not so often ;-) 

First we need to prepare its syrup.

- 1 glass of water
- 1 glass of milk
- 1 1/3 sugar

Mix these three ingredients well in a pan and bring it to boil. Then you can take it away and let it cool.

Other ingredients we need;

- 1 glass of semolina
- 1 stick butter (113 gr)
- 1/2 pine nuts if you like

In a deep pan butter is melted first than you can add pine nuts and semolina.You need to stir well. You will see the color change of both nuts and semolina. It would take around 6 minutes with this amount of ingredients in medium heat. I always use wooden spoon for stirring. If you see the color change (it gets darker) then you can add the syrup slowly which was already prepared. I am sorry you still need to stir the mixture till semolinas absorb all syrup and halvah gets thicker. Once it gets diffucult to stir than you can turn the heat off. Cover the pan or put its lid and wait around 30 minutes before you serve.Halvah should rest before it is served.

In the picture I just put halvah to a bowl and turned it upside down  in order to get this shape. You may sprinkle some cinnamon, or cracked nuts or even coconut.We have another way to enjoy semolina halvah which is eaiting it with ice cream;-)) It is very common in kebab restaurants in Turkey.

Afiyet olsun!

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